Vivere Pantelleria - Lago Specchio di VenerePantelleria is an 83 skm island in the middle of the Mediterranean. The volcanic origin of the island is witnessed by an extinguished volcano (Mount Gibele), 24 smaller conic peaks called “cuddie”, a number of thermal phenomena and an internal lake called “Venus mirror

The island has a rocky shore, rich of coves and caves.

Vegetation is typically mediterranean with capers cultivations and vineyards, which cohabit with a spontaneous flora of palm, cactuses and pine trees.

Vivere Pantelleria - Arco dell'elefanteThere are plenty of reasons for coming to Pantelleria:
sea, sun… And many others…

For trekkers Pantelleria offers charming walks along old trails throughout the year. You will be able to visit extraordinary places like the Lava of Gelfiser, Benikula’s natural sauna, Kaggiar’s Cape, the Wind Pass, the “Venus Mirror” Lake, the archaeological area with the Neolithic remains called “Sesi”.

Vivere Pantelleria - PomodoriIf taking pictures is one of your favourite hobbies, you can unleash your creativity in search of the most suggestive views in the ancient neighbourhoods of the Island.

For gourmets, Pantelleria is the perfect place to visit. Fish is always fresh and you will have the opportunity to taste some unique typical products like caper pâté , olive pâté, dried tomato paste, grape ambrosia, jams and marmalades, Pantelleria raviolis in their sweet and bitter versions, and then the sweets, such as cannoli, cassate…
Then there is the Bukkuram neighbourhood which is near to some good cellars where you can taste the famous Pantelleria Passito wine.

Vivere Pantelleria - ScauriAnd I forgot… lemons can be directly picked from the trees in the garden.

Last but not least, if you don’t fancy going to discos and you prefer watching stars, you will find all the necessary equipment, like maps and a telescope.

Pantelleria Gardens have often been the stage for seminars and workshops. If you are thinking about organising something like this, please feel free to contact us.
June or September are the most suitable months.

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